Lifetime Ultimate
Recurring Ultimate

Maximum upload file size

256 MB
1 GB
50 GB

Download limit per file per day
Files larger than the limit can be downloaded once a day.

3 GB
(e.g. A 1GB file can be downloaded 3 times a day)
30 GB

(e.g. A 500 MB file can be downloaded 60 times a day)

15 GB

(e.g. A 3GB file can be downloaded 5 times a day)

30 GB

(e.g. A 3GB file can be downloaded 10 times a day)

Maximum inactivity period

Files are deleted after this time. Logging in will reactivate the account with all your previous bonuses and benefits.

90 days
365 days
None, as long as the subscription is active
A monthly or annual Pro or Ultimate subscription will remove ads.
No ads
Number of files per upload session on the web app
This is a technical limit. Uploading more files resulted to frequent browser crashes during our tests.
5,000 files