Stuck uploads

If Degoo does not have access to the files you're trying to upload, your backup might get stuck at a certain percentage. Common causes include:

  • locked files - files you're trying to upload have been opened in other programs
  • permission issues - your user account does not have permission to read files or folders

Slow uploads

Your uploads might proceed, but at a very slow rate. The first step is to try and estimate how much time it would take to upload your files with your internet connection and then compare that to the app's estimate.

  1. Take note of how much you're trying to upload.
  2. Take note of the app's estimated upload time.
  3. Pause your upload or close the app.
  4. Run a speed test here.
  5. Calculate how long your upload should take using using this tool.

Enable turbo mode (Windows/Mac)

If you there is a big difference between Degoo's estimate and the calculated time, you can try enabling Turbo mode in the Windows app. It can speed up your uploads by allowing the app to use more processing power to compress and encrypt your files faster. To enable Turbo mode, just go to the preferences tab and change "Normal mode" to "Turbo mode".

Enabling Turbo mode may not speed up your uploads if you have a slow computer. You can read more about Turbo mode here.

Network issues

If Degoo's estimate is close to the calculated time, it could mean either of the following.

  • Other apps or computers in your network might be using up some of your bandwidth.
  • You are uploading too many files for your internet connection. In this case, the only option is to get a faster internet connection.

If you need further support regarding this issue, please email us at