1. Go to Files.

  2. Go to All.

  3. Navigate to the folder where your files are located.

  4. Click the violet circle with the plus sign.

  5. Click Select.

  6. You can click on items one at a time.

    You can also click and drag your mouse to select multiple files at once.

  7. Click More to see all available actions.

The list of available actions are different, depending on:

  • file type
  • whether only a single file or several files are selected
  • whether the selected items are folders or files

    The Rename option is available only if a single item is selected. The Copy option is not available if more than one folder is selected.

The Copy and Move operations have additional steps:

  1. After selecting the Move or Copy action, navigate to the folder where you want to move or copy your files to.

  2. Click Move here or Copy here.

  3. Moved or copied items will be shown at the end of the list. Refresh the page to properly sort them.