1. Log in or Sign up

Degoo will initially ask you to either log in or sign up. You can create an account with us by entering your email address and chosen password. You can also use your Google account tapping the "Sign in with Google" button.

2. Start uploading your files

You can upload your files through the My Uploads screen by category, or by choosing specific files and folders. Once you've chosen files and folders for backup, Degoo will sync them to Degoo every 24 hours.

3. View or download your files

You can access your files through the My Files screen. To help you navigate your files, you can sort your files by name, date, or size. You can also switch between thumbnails and list view. You can see file properties through the list view. There is a magnifying glass at the top of the screen for filtering the current folder.

You can download your files by following these instructions.

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