Degoo keeps track of your backups on a per-device basis through a configuration file on your phone or computer. When you install Degoo on a new or reformatted device, Degoo will upload your files on a new device folder on the cloud.

We are still working on a way to merge different device folders, but there is a 2-step workaround that you can do.

Step 1: Download/recover your backups (optional)

This workaround involves unlinking the previous device, which will delete the files that you backed up. If you don't have a copy those files, then you have to download them first. But if you don't need to download your files, you can proceed to the next step.

For instructions, please see the appropriate article:

Step 2: Unlink the old device

Unlinking a computer will make Degoo "forget" about that computer and permanently delete all files that have been backed up on that computer.

Please see the appropriate article for instructions:

Start backing up your files

Finally, you can select new folders to back up.